Koekii Logo

This logo was made for a tutoring business. Once I heard the word tutoring I thought “childish” and “playful” and to make sure that the client gets that feeling as well, I incorporated a cookie into the logo replacing the letter “O”. 4 variations were made. Client loved the logo and its simplicity.

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Portfolio Wireframe & Sitemap

Wireframe for my homepage consist of plain white background, with name and major at the top. Underneath would be large tabs for “About”, “Portfolio”, & “Contact”. Within those large tabs would be blurred images in each tab.   This would be the sitemap. My page will be simple and easy to navigate through. Within my […]

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Joyce Grace Blog Description

5 Likes The grid for her pages, nice and organized   The tabs are neat and clean   The background   The bottom portion of the page linking to articles   The layout of each page, organized and straightforward     5 Dislikes The website look like its still under construction   Too many share […]

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